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I saw this article today in the LA Magazine about a team of actors ‘turned’ headshot photographers (you know my thoughts on this).

It sounds like a crazy idea but in the city of LA anything goes. In all seriousness is it a good idea? Well there are a couple of things that make me question its feasability, I know it’s a big truck but it’s still a small studio that has lots of limitations on lighting and space (distance from the background). Also is there a set style that all of the actors ‘turned’ headshot photographers shoot in or is it pot luck on who’s available on the day?

The other thing that caugt my attention was the fact that this statement was made Although the Headshot Truck’s target clients are, per Hendershott, actors “from Arkansas who may not know any better” and that kind of makes me feel uneasy. I wrote about ethics in the headshot industry yesterday and this statement kind of harps back to that.

I understand that they are pitching themselves at the lower end of the headshot price range and it is interesting that Hendershott decided to launch his Headshot Truck because of his own terrible experiences with headshots. Once again I talk about this quite ofetn and I always stress that an actor should research headshot photographers very well before they decide to book a session and I think it’s imperative that the very least you should do is talk to the photographer on the phone to get an idea of whether you like or get along with them.

However saying all of the above I hope it takes off and proves a huge success and maybe it will change the way we shoot headshots in the future. Having recently gone through the trauma of a studio move, including finding a premises that are right, in a decent location and that are affordable I find that could warm to the idea of being mobile and reducing overheads.

read the full article here.


– Is This The Future of Headshots Photography – I Think Not

This short video is of my good friend and training partner Mark Finn from Dockside Fitness. I train with Mark outside in Ropemakers Field E14 mostt mornings at 7am and on a Sunday at 9am. I often see and hear about ‘functional fitness’ and wondered what it was. I used to think that lifting weights and doing a few sit ups along with a session or two on a spin bike was enough to keep me healthy and fit.After training with Mark for a while I grew to understand that ‘functional fitness’ is about being able to deal with the surprises life can sometimes unexpectedly throw at you such as having to lift a heavy item or move quickly to get out of danger.

I think its incredibly important to be fit for purpose and as an actor that includes being ready for anything or as they say in Latin. Utrinque Paratus – it’s the motto of the Parachute Regiment (I used to be involved in as a Territorial soldier many many years ago) the motto means ready for Anything and this has been one of those tenets that has stuck with me through my life. Its part of the reason I train in a functional way. So as an actors what is being ready for anything, how can you apply functional fitness ways to your career?

Is your headshot up to date – do you look like it?

Is you resume polished and current?

How does your body lookare you carrying a few extra pounds or have you lost some weight?

What kind of shape are you in – are you fit enough to to 8 shows a week or a long tour?

these are just a few of the basic questions you should be asking yourself ona regular basis, have you taken any classes recently or hows your own marketing going? Being an actor is more than solely acting its about all of the other things you have to do to keep yourself in shape for any opportunity that arises – however suddenly it may appear.

As a headshot phortographer I am ready for anything all of the time, I’m ready to adjust my shooting style for each and every client who comes into my studio, every session is bespoke and every actor has different needs, do they want character shots, do they need shots doing outdoors, is daylight better on their skin tone or are they better represented under tungsten light. Doe sthe actor know what they want, do they know their casting range or castability? Part of my job and part of the experience of a Nick Gregan headshot session is offering advice, understanding what the actor wants , also presenting to them other options that they may not of have considered in a headshot. I like to keep the motto Utrinque Paratus in my mind as I approach every day.

– Exercise is The Food of Life – Dockside Fitness

Apple’s New Advert & Actors Headshots

This short video by director Jake Scott, son of the mightly talented Ridley Scott is celebrating 30 years of Apple innovation. The really great thig is that it was all shot n the iphone 5s with its cracking HD camera facility.

The temptation for an actor could be to have a headshot taken on an iphone – don’t would be my advice. There are those among you I hear say of course you would you’re a headshot photographer. But seriously guys my intention is to be honest and pass on my knowledge, one of the big things I say is “don’t take a chance with your career” you might only get one chance to make the right impression. These photos can look great on the small screen but as soon as they are blown up to a normal size the quality starts to show. The other and more important aspect of using a mobile phone camera is the lens. They are wide angle and they are great for taking landscapes and group shots etc. but when taking a headshot which needs to be fairly close the wide angle has the tendancy to distort the shape of the face, making the face appear broader and often with a bloated feel.

Every actor knows their headshot should be a true likeness of them at that time, not as they looked 10 years ago or with a bit more hair. using an actors headshot taken on a mobile phone does not look professional either and that can give the impression that you are not approaching your career as a professional actor should.

Si as I said earlier “don’t take a chance with your career” have a professional headshot, you might even like it!

– Apple’s New Advert & Actors Headshots

When do you know you need a new headshot?

What’s the process to getting that killer actors headshot?

Here are the steps outlined one by one  to help you throughout the minefield of decision making. New headshots are a big decision in an actors career they can make the decision easier by reading this execllent guide here

Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer

Actors Headshots © Nick Gregan


– Step by Step Great Headshots

When do you know you need a new headshot?

What’s the process to getting that killer actors headshot?

Here are the steps outlined one by one  to help you throughout the minefield of decision making. New headshots are a big decision in an actors career they can make the difference in getting auditions.

Read this great article here

Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer

Actors Headshots © Nick Gregan

– Step by Step Great Headshots

Quite possibly two of the most stressful times for an actor are the headshot session and the audition. Every actor knows how important it is to have a killer headshot and often when actors come to my studio for new headshots I can feel the pressure they are putting themselves under to get a great headshot.

Actors Headshot Portfolio from Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer

Actors Headshot Portfolio from Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer


However once thats done its the next step of submitting your headshot and getting an audition. Then the pressure really mounts, your headshot has done its job and now its up to you and your audition skills. I came across this article about actors preparing for an audition and thoght it might be useful to read. Here’s an excerpt –

Auditioning is unavoidable for all actors. Some are great at it, others are mystified, and others are just plain awful at it. Here are some helpful tools and insight so that you can have a great audition. Read the full article here

– Preparing For Your Audition

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