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Actors Headshots by Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer in London
50 tips for a perfect headshot by Nick Gregan
Actors Headshot © Nick Greagn
Headshots, headshot phoptography and portraits by Nick Gregan
Actors Headshots in London © Nick Gregan
effective actors headshots ©-Nick-Gregan-Headshot-Photographer in London.jpg
Nick Gregan Actors Headshots in London
Effective Actors Headshots in London © Nick Gregan

Professional Actors Headshots

Nick Gregan is an experienced headshot photographer who has been providing professional actor headshot photography in London for over 20 years. In that time, Nick has taken the headshots of thousands of actors and actresses in studios across the UK and worldwide. Nick believes in providing a highly professional service in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

What to Wear

Wear simple clothing and try to avoid bright stripes or patterns that will take the attention off of your face. Clothing will be available for you in the studio if you wish to take photos in multiple outfits.

Hair & Make-up

On the day of the session, try and look natural – how you would on any other day. There will be plenty of time for hair and make-up adjustments in the studio.

90 Minute Session. Unlimited Photos.

Your session will last 90 minutes and include photos in multiple settings, both in the studio and outdoors. There is no limit on how many photos we take. Throughout the session, we can pick the best 30-35 photos ready for retouching to enhance the quality of the headshot.

As Used By:

The actors centre
Nick Greagn Actors Headshot Photographer
GSA School
Mark Jermin

nick gregan actors headshot photographer london

50 tips for a perfect headshot

What Nick’s clients have to say

Real testimonials from real people. Nick Gregan always gets feedback!

Nick Gregan is the only headshot photographer I have been to that makes you feel very comfortable in the studio and most important infront of the camera. He has many years experience and knows how to get the most from the client hence having more than enough great headshot choices.

Actors Headshots in London © Nick Gregan

Kelly Downes

Alex had some fab photos done today. I can’t recommend Nick Gregan enough. He has a brilliant studio and wonderful way with actors. He made Kim feel really at ease [she was a bit trepidatious] and got some really good input from her.

effective actors headshots ©-Nick-Gregan-Headshot-Photographer in London.jpg

Don McCorkindale

Thank you again for a great headshot session. I was quite nervous about getting to grips with this side of the industry, but I had a great time under your direction! I had such a great time and considering it was my first headshot session you made me very enthusiastic about doing it again.

Headshot Photography by Nick Gregan

Mike Fish

Hi Nick! Just wanted to say a final thank you for my amazing headshots. I just looked over the photos on the disc which I received earlier last week and even the unedited ones are absolutely amazing. Thank you again for such an inviting afternoon.

Effective Actors Headshots in London © Nick Gregan

Louise Ohara

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Reasons to work with Nick

✓ Nick has over 25 years of experience


✓ 1000s of happy clients can’t be wrong


✓ You WILL get great value for your money


✓ Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Nick has been providing actor headshot photography in London for over 25 years now, and has taken upwards of 20,000 headshots for actors, presenters, performers and business people. If you’re looking for a headshot photographer that can produce a great photo that brings out the best in you, whilst providing a service that is both enjoyable and relaxed, then Nick is the man for the job.

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