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Actors Headshots

Actors Headshots and Method Acting?

By January 25, 2016No Comments

One of my clients asked me to make a video of a recent post I made about actors headshots and method acting techniques. They said the found it easier to digest. I must admit I always find it more beneficial to watch and learn than to read only.

In the studio I like to use scenarios to help actors move past from the insecruities they allow to creep into their minds when the still camera is in front on them. Actors are performers so I give actors characters to play or get them to perform a role they’ve done before. It takes their mind off themselves, it allows them to use the ‘cloak of character’ and deliver the emotion and personality that is crucial in great actors headshots.

I’m well aware that when performing in role an actor is hidden behind the ‘comfortable cloak of character’ and anything is possible. However as soon as that cloak is stripped away their insecurities and doubts start to creep in, they become overly self-aware and that’s when it starts to fall apart for them.

Actors Headshots in Practice

Any form of negativity in a headshot is damaging and should be spotted and corrected at the photography stage by the actor and the headshot photographer.

The acting business is incredibly competetive and headshots are an actors main calling card, they need to be right, in my new book ’50 Tips For a Perfect Headshot’ I talk about every aspect of actors headshots how to prepare properley, how to  improve your technique and how to make sure your headshot has the ‘Wow Factor’.

In the modern world of casting, actors headshots are crucial in marketing yourself effectively, why take a chance with your career by using headshots that are not quite good enough. The casting director takes seconds to to look at your headshot – make sure those seconds count….. !

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