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7 Top Tips From A Casting Director

By September 19, 2013August 18th, 2017No Comments
Where do you get the inside information on how to ace a casting or how to help move your career forward. We’re all looking for the quickest route to our goals and many of the self-help guru’s say it takes about 10,000 hours to be an expert in your field. But 10,000 is a long time and a lot of effortand an easier way to gain that knowledge and experience is to find a mentor and follow their experience.
In this piece John Frank Levey, Emmy-Award-winning casting director who is best known for his casting credits (“ER,” “The West Wing,” “Southland”), shares some tips for making the most of your career. Here’s the subject headings but click here to read the full article.
  1. Find work you believe in.
  2. Creativity is its own reward.
  3. Think outside the box.
  4. Collaboration is key.
  5. Have fun and relax.
  6. Love what you do.
  7. Respect the craft.                             

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