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Nicky-Gee-Headshot_Photographer_London_smallHi, I’m Nick Gregan, an actors headshot photographer in London. I’m going to be your guide to all things about actors headshots and headshot photography. On my blog page you’ll find numerous posts about all things headshots. If you like the tips and there want to know more in the future, subscribe to get notified when I publish more. And if you want to see my future headshots and keep up to date with what I’m up to, follow me on Twitter here.

I’ve been shooting actors headshots for a long, long time. In fact, it’s been over 25 years, and I’ve now taken headshot for upwards of 20,000 actors, presenters, performers and business people. I know everything there is to know about headshots, and I have to tell you first hand that I love what I do and I love seeing actors progress with their career with the help of my photography.

My biggest passion outside of photography is scuba diving.

I’m a Padi Diving Instructor at the grade of Master Scuba Diver Trainer which means I can teach people how to dive all over the world. Not only do I love the undersea world and all of it’s many wonders, but I love teaching other people about it, too. I’m lucky enough to have worked in the Mecca of scuba diving, Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, and also in London, England (with a wee difference in temperature I can tell you).

There’s something wonderful about passing on your knowledge of a unknown world to people just as it’s wonderful passing on my knowledge of the wonderful world of headshots.

NickGregan Scuba Diving

About The Author: Nick Gregan is one of London’s top actors headshot photographers with over 16 years shooting actors. His actor headshot photography website shows his unique style that has made him so sought after. Nick’s Free ” 7 Secrets of a Great Headshot ” is jam packed with tips and techniques for any actors to get the best out of their headshot session.

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