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I like to keep up to date with the current acting headshot trends, it’s important that I offer my clients acting headshots that are cutting edge.

It’d be no good offering black and white Hollywood style headshots that were in vogue 50 years ago. It simply wouldn’t help my clients score more auditions.

Acting Headshot Trends USALet’s be honest, when it comes right down to the nitty gritty that’s what my job is. It is to help my clients get more auditions and get noticed by the casting directors.

However, being aware of current acting headshots trends across the world doesn’t mean those trends are always right for the UK.

Worldwide Acting Headshots Trends

Take many of the acting headshots you see in America. Usually they are heavily retouched – so not a true realistic representation of the actor. Many of them are half-body shots from the waist up – we don’t use those kinds of headshots’ in the UK casting market.

So the acting headshots trends in the USA are not really relevant to every market but they do exert some influence.Acting Headshot Trends

I also came across this article about a Korean actor’s headshots which I found really interesting when looking at their style. First of all they are an amazing set of photos and portray Hyunjun beautifully.

United Kingdon Trends

However, in the UK we focus more on a head and shoulders approach.  We have to consider how realistic an actor looks in their acting headshots. We have to keep in mind the no.1 complaint from casting directors, which is: when an actor doesn’t look like their headshot.

I don’t know Hyunjun and have never met him/her/them but I can see the range of roles playable. But for the UK market these shots are a little ‘fashiony’.

I also find my eye distracted by the hand on the shoulder. As you will see in my book ‘The Headshot Bible – 50 Tips For A Perfect Headshot’ and on my website. I like to keep distractions to a minimum. Also anything that will move they eye of the viewer away from the central point of focus. I want to eliminate any distractions from the actor’s face.

50 tips for a perfect headshot sidebar


As Hyunjun is so well-known in his native Korea as an actors, dancer and K-pop star there is a certain latitude in your choice of headshot. I also say in my book ’the more well-known you are as an actor the less your headshot matters. It’s your reputation and body of work that get you to auditions’.

The moral of this story, know yourself as an actor and know your market. Make sure your headshot is right for your market and you understand how well you are established in your career in your market.

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