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People in business need business cards – it’s their initial identity first and foremost. In the entertainment industry, a headshot is exactly this – your business card. For agents, brands or companies, it helps to put a face to a name in a professional manner beyond your Instagram profile.

I have an Actor Headshot but it’s a bit old…

It’s ideal to get your headshot updated yearly. In that time, your hair length or hair colour can change… if you’re a man you may have a beard that you didn’t use to have. You want to give the most up to date image of yourself. If you’re not in your teenage years and don’t change your image then a couple of years can also suffice.

What should my Actor Headshots look like?

Simple. You don’t want any distractions – a nice, clean background is best. It’s also good to get black and white images done as well as colour, just to make sure you cover all your bases.

When it comes to posing, you want to be confident and likeable. This is when the photographer comes in – you may think you know what you look like, but more often than not we have a different image in our minds of ourselves compared to what others see. Your photographer should help guide you to soften the smile or turn at an angle that catches your face better.

I’m not a model though… how will my headshot look good?

A lot of the time models themselves don’t know what they are doing either! A headshot is all about enjoying the experience and loosening up. This is another point where your photographer comes in – they should make you feel comfortable and make the experience enjoyable. We are our harshest critic; for people more judgmental about themselves, getting a headshot right will be more difficult. Relax and trust your photographer – they do this day-in and day-out so they know what works and what doesn’t.

We have years of experience in helping actors get the perfect headshot. We provide 90 minute sessions with unlimited headshots. Head over to our contact page for more information or to book a session with us!

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