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Actor’s And The Cloak of Character


  • I talk about  the “Cloak of Character” technique for better headshots and why it is invaluable to actors in front of a stills camera.
  • The technique involves actors using a character persona to feel comfortable expressing emotions and personalities during a headshot session.
  • Why many actors feel self-conscious about their appearance in front of the camera, leading to discomfort and poor results.
  • How the “Cloak of Character” helps actors overcome self-consciousness and relate to the camera by adopting a character they enjoy playing or admire.
  • By acting in front of the camera and using this technique, actors can achieve more authentic and engaging headshots, improving their chances of getting auditions.

Unmasking the Cloak of CharacterActor’s And The Cloak of Character

I explain my unique approach that revolutionises your headshot session. I am also the author of the groundbreaking book “The Headshot Bible: 50 Tips for a Perfect Headshot,” which draws from my vast experience to guide actors in their pursuit of the ultimate headshot.

The heart of this technique lies in the idea of the “Cloak of Character.” As I explain, actors often find themselves at ease when performing on a stage or in front of a camera crew, comfortably slipping into the roles they portray. However, when faced with the stills camera for a headshot session, these inhibitions seem to surface, casting a shadow over their confidence.

The “Cloak of Character” serves as a shield against these insecurities. I introduce the concept of embodying a character – be it a past role, a favourite movie character, or even a unique persona – that allows actors to step into a realm where they can express themselves freely. This transformation empowers actors to explore emotions and facets of their personality that they might otherwise shy away from, ultimately bridging the gap between their true selves and the lens.

Embracing Your Uniqueness

Actors often grapple with self-consciousness, fixating on perceived flaws like nose shape, ears, or teeth. However, by shedding light on the fact that these minute details rarely register with casting directors, who are trained to make swift judgments based on visual cues. Embracing your individuality and presenting an authentic representation of yourself becomes a pivotal factor in making a lasting impression during auditions.

I also share a remarkable anecdote of a client who initially resisted turning slightly to the side for her headshot due to self-consciousness about her “big nose.” With my guidance and the application of the “Cloak of Character,” she eventually posed candidly, showcasing her uniqueness. The outcome was astonishing – she landed a role in a prestigious TV commercial precisely because her distinct look perfectly aligned with the character they were seeking.

Empowering Your Headshot Session

I emphasise the transformative power of the “Cloak of Character.” By embracing this technique, actors can unlock a realm of creativity and authenticity that resonates through their headshots. Shedding the cloak of self-doubt and donning the cloak of character empowers actors to act naturally and confidently, allowing their true talent to shine through.

Helping actors achieve an awesome headshot is my goal, everytime I pick up my camera. I have a passion for my craft and I’m committed to passing on valuable knowledge to actors seeking to elevate their headshot game.

Stay Focused

10 questions actors ask about new headshotsNick Gregan

I can’t emphasise enough how important an eye catching headshot is to an actor’s career – especially towards the start of your career.

I know I have said this on many occasions but it is sill an actor’s number one marketing material. I know there is a push towards social media and it’s huge reach and influence. People telling you to do your Instagram or Tik Tok everyday but come on… For the most part it’s a waste of time.

What is guaranteed is the need for an outstanding, eye catching, engaging headshot.

Don’t lose sight of the things that work – an awesome headshot!


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