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Actors, do you want more auditions?

Let’s be honest what actor doesn’t?

It’s at the audition where you can show your skills and convince the casting director how perfect you are for the role they are casting for.

The biggest issue with most actors is getting to the audition. It doesn’t matter if you are a brilliantly gifted actor, or if you are perfect for the role. If the casting director isn’t aware of you, you never get invited to an audition.

So if you ask the question, actors do you want more auditions the answer is going to be yes Of course it is! You might also ask yourself why am I not getting the auditions I am perfect for. You have the right experience, a good CV and the right look for the character. So what is happening?

Actors, if you want more auditions, start here.

It is obvious to me that it is your headshot that is letting you down. You should ask yourself these questions and try to do it dispassionately and objectively. Also, talk to your friends and other actors and ask them for an HONEST opinion.

  • Does your headshot look like you as you look now? If not get a new one.
  • Are you the main focus of your headshot, is it showcasing you or is it the fancy lighting more important?
  • Is it depicting you as the right type of character for the role?
  • Are you smiling when the role requires attitude?
  • Are you pitching yourself at the wrong roles?
  • Are your eyes full of emotion?
  • Is the headshot full of distractions? ie the background, your clothes, or jewellery etc…?
  • Are you showing YOUR personality?
  • Are you connecting with the viewer?
  • Are you face-acting?

As an actor who wants more auditions, you should constantly be asking yourself these questions about your headshot on a regular basis.

Your headshot is still your main marketing tool, it is usually the first point of contact with a casting director so make it count. there is plenty of scientific research about first impressions, how long they take, how important they are and why your headshot should make the right first impression.

This is not guesswork or speculation but real hard scientific proof. so if you are an actor who wants more auditions it’s time to take stock of your existing headshot and if needed find the right headshot photographer for you and book a session as soon as you can.

A new headshot (if it is an awesome headshot) will make a massive difference to your confidence, and your ability to catch the eye of the casting director and it will help you get more of what you love doing -acting roles.



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