Actors headshots, Covid-19 and FacemasksActors’ headshots, Covid-19 and facemasks

With the pandemic spiking again what do actors’ headshots, Covid-19 and facemasks have in common?

It’s common to see many people wearing facemasks and in some places it is now the law to wear them in certain circumstances.

Facial Expressions

This means our communication with each other has been altered so much that we are losing the bottom two thirds of the face which is a very expressive part of the face.

It also means that we are much more reliant on reading expressions and intentions in each other’s eyes. But, how does this relate to actors’ headshots, Covid-19 and facemasks?

It’s All About The Eyes

In this except from my post way back in 2009,

Without realising it you’ll be drawn towards the eyes. This is because they are the focal point of the whole shot, it’s not the ears or the kind of clothes you’re wearing nor is it the background. It’s the eyes…

…We want your eyes to be focused in the right place, looking in the correct direction and much more importantly to show emotion in them. Let’s make sure that whoever is looking at your shot see’s the fact that you’ve got depth to your personality. 

One of the most important factors of an actors’ headshot is the eyes, they are the main point of focus and are crucial in expressing personality and emotion.

And as we get used to the ‘New Normal’ with Covid-19 and facemasks as part of our everyday lives we’ll notice more and more the communication we have with each other using our eyes.

Body Language

Admittedly we have the ability to talk which an actors headshot doesn’t and this makes communication much easier. We know body language plays an important part in our communication but without facial expressions we rely more on our eyes.

The three keys to a great headshotactors headshots, covid-19 and facemasks

And the actor’s headshot is all about the eyes. A great headshot conveys emotion, personality and communication as every great headshot should. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate headshot, model, dancer, Linkedin or personal branding headshot, a great one needs those three key elements.

So what do actors’ headshots, Covid-19 and facemasks have in common? It’s about the way we communicate and how important our eyes are in the communication process.