An Actor’s Headshot Insecureities

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Headshot Insecureities

The little insecurities of an actor are a issues I come across on a regular basis as a headshot photographer in London.

I came across his great post on the Unscripted Blog and really thought it was worth a read as it gives an insight into the actors sensibilities. Angela Sauer expresses many of the sentiments I encounter everyday when shooting actors.

Headshot Photographer

As an actors headshot photographer I encounter many actors who imagine themselves in a different light when in front of the stills camera, especially if they have the time to over analyze the shots on the computer screen. Dealing with an actors insecurities about themselves and then encouraging them to express themselves is a major part of the headshot photographers ability. Often actors see flaws in themselves that are not really there or that are so insignificant as to be unnoticeable to the independent viewer. It can be difficult to remember that sometimes when you are convinced you have a big nose, or a smaller left eye or even as far as being preoccupied with things like my thinning hair or one ear larger than the other.

Often no amount of level headed objectivity can convince an actor that all those years of having that little green devil on their shoulder, is worrying over nothing at all. This is where one of the great benefits of digital photography comes into its own – people can actually see right there and then that they’re worrying over nothing. Being fully aware of what I’ve said above about over analyzing a shot on the compute screen, if the photographer takes the time to explain his thought process from an objective point of view, as someone who is used to viewing hundreds of headshots on a regular basis. Explaining clearly what they actually see and just as plainly what they don’t see. This can go a long way to alleviating the actors concerns over their little foibles. There is always the last resort too.

The Headshot Photographer and Photoshop

It also helps that you can use the magic of Photoshop to tweak the picture in front of their eyes, thus settling their nerves and calming all of their fears and worries , and the screaming of those little green devils on their shoulder. I must admit that I rarely need to make major adjustments to a headshot simply because once the actor has managed to relax and relieve themselves of those little niggling worries they more often than not open up and express themselves so much better. Leading to a much better, more natural headshot that they are nearly always happy with and feel no need to have the retouching done anyway.

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