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An Exciting New Way To Promote Yourself As An Actor? An Exciting New Way To Promote Yourself As An Actor

Is this a new way to bag an agent?
Check out how actor Medhi Hamadouchi plastered 5000 posters around central London in the hope of bagging an agent. He added a QR Code directing people to his website so agents could get in touch.

And guess what… he was successful.

He was snapped up by Paul Byram Associates.

Admittedly, he was chased by a policeman and asked by Westminster Council to stop fly posting but his persistence did the trick. It’s a novel idea but, one that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. Can you imagine the streets of London, or any major town or city id if every actor tried this…?
I’m sure the novelty would soon wear off. Check out the full article in Variety here.


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