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Andrea Nodroun Headshot Session

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What is a headshot session and what does it include is a question I’m asked by many actors looking to find a good headshot photographer.

How many shots do I get?
Can I change my outfit?
Do I need hair and make up artists?
Will you do any retouching/airbrushing?

Here’s a selection of the kind of shots I take in a ‘normal session’, although I think it’s incredibly important to tailor each and every session to the individual’s needs depending upon, age, castability and several other factors including the needs of their agent etc. A headshot session is collaboration – I have the necessary photographic skills, an actor has ideas, and on top of that, their agent often has specific needs in terms of a headshot to market their client in a particular way. Part of the fun of shooting actors headshots is discovering this dynamic, then working together to produce a series of headshots that everyone is happy with, but most importantly, the actor is confident will help them to get into more auditions.

Although shooting headshots is fun, it also comes with a huge responsibility and this is something that has to be understood at all times. A great headshot can have a fantastic impact on an actor’s career, but conversely, so can a bad headshot – missing opportunities, missing auditions etc.

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