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multiple actors character headshots of Joseph Roi © Nick GreganThis is actor Joseph Roi, we had a fantastic shoot full of character actor’s headshots.

He had a ‘new look’ with a shaven head which was a big change from his previous image. Actors have to keep in mind they HAVE TO LOOK LIKE THEY DO IN THEIR HEADSHOT so consequently he needed a new set of awesome headshots.

You must look the same as you do in character actors’ headshots.

These are just 4 of the many headshots we took in our 2-hour session and as you can see they show Joseph in 4 different character looks.

We’ve got a strong, dark, intense in the first headshot that would suit a dangerous or intense role. The soft light from behind helps separate him from the black backdrop.

Headshot no.2 is a complete change of character, here he is the nice friendly dad/guy next door. I’ve used a brick wall as the backdrop but kept it soft and out of focus to give the feeling of Joseph ‘standing out’ from it.

In headshot no.3, Joseph is looking confident, this is the classic Spotlight headshot – it is warm and neutral. It allows ‘casting directors to put a character on him’.

In the final headshot, we wanted to create a completely different look. Using the olive Army-style shirt in an outdoor setting gives a ‘gritty’ feeling. This also adds to the style of the character Joseph is portraying. He is strong and no-nonsense but still has a warmth in his eyes.

Connecting With Character Actor’s Headshots

In all of these headshots, you can see he is CONNECTING with the viewer, he is showing a range of EMOTIONS in his eyes and he is injecting his PERSONALITY into every awesome headshot!

These are the exact same 3 key elements every awesome headshot has to have. I talk about them in more detail in the Headshot Conversation here. If you want to bag more auditions you must have an up-to-date headshot and, you should be submitting the correct character headshot for the correct role.

Joseph Roi Character Actor Headshot

Joseph Roi

Kind words…

This is what Joseph had to say about our shoot.

Nick is a Don. I’d say Nick is what you’d call an actors, actor photographer. He know how to stir those feelings and getting that subtext behind the eyes. He does this via the medium of role play. At times it felt like I was back doing a class at drama school.He makes you feel relaxed, by basically being himself. Warm, welcoming, authentic and his humour is second to none. It’s like having a chat with a mate. He never gives you that feeling that time isn’t on your side.I was dreading getting these shots done as I’ve put on a bit of timber over Covid and I’ve come to an age where I had to shave my head. So I was quite insecure about the whole affair. As you know the camera doesn’t lie. Again Nick was reassuring and put me at ease. He actually made me feel like a million dollars.To stay I was happy with the end results, would be an understatement. The headshots are the best I’ve ever had. I’m eternally grateful. Nick is a God send. Go to Nick he is a Del monte;) Thanks Nick

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