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Children’s Headshots Children's Headshots © Nick Gregan

For any actors out there who have children and are thinking of getting some children’s headshots for them.

Fact: The kid’s headshot market is different from the adult’s market. 

Kids only need one headshot, they DO NOT need a portfolio of 6, 8 or 10 children’s headshots with different outfits and different looks. 

Multiple Children’s Headshots

I know there are some headshot photographers out there who offer these kinds of shoots but, your child doesn’t need them. Especially when many of those headshots look like family portraits.  

They are often beautiful photos of your child and are lovely for your mantelpiece, but wrong for the market. 

I understand if you want to give your child the fun photoshoot ‘experience’. But these multiple children’s headshots are not needed and are often the wrong type. 

Fact: These kinds of children’s headshots work against your child rather than for them. 

The adult headshot market is different and you’ve heard me talk about the right headshot for the right role on many occasions. 

This doesn’t apply in the same way to the children’s headshot market. 

Lightning for Children’s HeadshotsQuirky Children's Headshots © Nick Gregan

Fact: What does matter is that kids need to look their age (and possibly a bit younger) but never older than they actually are. 

They should never be ‘made up’ with lots of makeup. Clean and simple is the way to go, keep your child looking natural. 

Clean and simple also goes for the lighting. Do not use dark shadows or funky-coloured lighting 

What Works for Children’s Headshots

Children's Headshots © Nick GreganYour child should be bright and engaging in their headshot. They don’t have to have a big cheesy smile, they need to look like themselves. If the child has a bright and bubbly personality then their headshot should reflect that. 

On the other hand, if they are quirky or a bit sullen – don’t try to hide it, because that’s how they’ll be on set. 

If your child has crazy ears or funky eyebrows or some other distinct features work with them, do not try to hide or disguise them. 

There are lots and lots of different roles and opportunities out there for every type of child. 

Don’t try to represent them as something they are not. They need to look like their headshot. 

As with a headshot for an adult, children’s headshots that have a connection with the viewer and show true personality are MUCH more important than 8 or 10 in different outfits, hairstyles and makeup.

Remember, your child should look their age in their children’s headshot and if they can pass off as younger than their actual age – that is a bonus.

Children’s Headshots

You need to keep in mind that your child should enjoy the whole acting and performing experience from classes to auditions and on to performing on set. If they don’t then don’t put pressure on them to fulfil your dreams


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