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Daylight Actors Headshots in Hackney

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Actors Headshots in Hackney

Daylight actors headshots are becoming more popular to the point that some Agents actually specify that they want to see a “daylight headshot”.

While this an essential part of an actors portfolio of headshots it’s is not a reason to have the whole of your photos taken outside. Outdoor shoots do have limitations and some posssible negative aspects too. Often you see headshots taken in front of a tree or a bush for example. This can lead to a background that is busy and distracting especially during harsh sunlight conditions.remember, anything that distracts from the focus on the face is taking the eye of the viewer away from the main point of the photo – your face.

There is another problem that can occur when the eyes  (the most importsnt part of an actors headshot) disappear into deep dark shadowy holes. Many actors aren’t aware of these issues and they are often not pointed out to them by their headshot photographer (who often aren’t aware of them themselves!).

A daylight actors headshot is a great tool as part of your headshot marketing kit. Make sure yours is working well for you.

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