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I see so many profile headshots that look flat, boring and lifeless and, the worst thing about it is, that most people aren’t aware their headshots look like this.

And, if your profile headshot looks flat, boring and lifeless what does that say about you?Flat, boring lifeless Headshots

Remember, first impressions count!

First impressions are crucial in today’s modern visually aware world. Every photograph sends a message, whether a holiday snap at a beach bar with a cocktail in your hand saying, I’m a cool guy having fun! Or on the other hand, a professionally taken picture of you receiving an award that sends the message that you are an achiever, you’re top of the class!

They both send a message about you and who you are. The average person never thinks about the message their profile headshot is sending, but they should.

So, if you think about your profile headshot that is flat, boring and lifeless what does it say about you? Does it send the message that you are a high-energy, go-getting, proactive professional? I think not, in fact, I know it doesn’t!

You have the power to change that.

If you are unsure about what your headshot is saying about you check out this article How To Analyse Your Headshot to help you understand your headshot’s message.

My mission is to educate as many people as possible about the power of their headshot and, how to shape your first impression and the message your profile headshot gives.Flat, boring lifeless Headshots

Why not take control of the message your headshot sends and how the viewer sees you?

Here’s how to take control of your image

  1. Think about your target audience
  2.  Consider how you want to be seen – your message
  3.  Think about what they want to see
  4.  What are you wearing?
  5.  What is the background?
  6.  What is your pose?
  7.  Are you likeable?

Why not check out this article about what to wear in your profile headshot? Headshot questions & answers. This information applies to any type of headshot from a Linkedin profile shot to an actor’s headshot. This article makes you think about how others perceive you on first impressions and about controlling the message your photograph sends.

Lots more tips and information on headshots here and to find out why your image is important check out out this article.

PLEASE NOTE: None of the photographs in this article are taken by Nick Gregan. They are all library pictures for illustration purposes.



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