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Headshot Photographer

Probably the single most important aspect to take into account when booking a headshot photographer is whether or not you feel comfortable with them. The relationship between a headshot photographer and their client is a personal one there needs to be trust and understanding. It also helps if you are both on the same wavelength as good communication is crucial for a stand out headshot. In my new book ‘The Headshot Bible’ I explain in Tip no. 23 – The Headshot Conversation the subject in much more detail.

How do you know if you and your photographer will get on? Some people may say ‘it’s not that

Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer

Uncle Bob?

important to get on with them, they are here for a specific reason and time and as long as they do the job what does it matter if you get on or not?’ Well it does matter if you want your headshot to have what Tip no. 17 – The Wow Factor talks all about! A good headshot stands out from the crowd and one of the factors that is imperative, is emotional content within the eyes. It’s difficult to do this alone, so you need the help from your headshot photographer, it’s much easier to express yourself if you feel comfortable with them.

I think it’s a bit of a gamble booking a session with a headshot photographer if you haven’t even spoken to them, it only takes five minutes on the phone to know whether you like somebody or not, whether you’re likely be comfortable with them. I’d be disappointed if I wanted to book with a photographer and they couldn’t find the time to talk to me before the shoot – if only to break the ice before I stand in front of their camera.


Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer

If a photographer is ‘too busy’ or ‘uninterested’ in taking the time to talk to me, to get understand my needs and help ally my nervousness then I don’t think they’re the right headshot photographer for me. It would make me think about the shoot itself, would they have time for me, what if I am slow getting started, what if I’m nervous and need time? All of these points would run through my mind. A headshot shoot should be a pleasant, fun experience in an environment that is conducive to creativity.

Sure the photographer has to be creative but they should also have the ability to encourage you to be creative too. After all a great performance leads to a great headshot and without a great headshot no one ever notices you!

there’s more information on headshot in the forum on CastingCallPro. It’s worth a visit during your research.

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