Following Successful Footsteps Into The Acting Business

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Following Successful Footsteps Into The Acting Business Tony Robbins

Most movie veterans will tell you there are practically no specific how-to guidelines for taking the first steps into acting business. There are hardly any defined rules that if followed will help you to become a great actor. As they say becoming an actor is not rocket science, but you will have to apply yourself as diligently as a rocket scientist and be dedicated and single-minded as one. Before you take your first steps into this exciting world, you must have a thorough understanding about what lies ahead.

The eventual goal of success which in your opinion maybe be ‘fame’ in the form of a TV or soap star or simply to be a working actor either in the fields of theatre or even corporate video world. When embarking on this incredible journey there can be many pitfalls and a long hard road of setbacks. But you must not be distracted or let this put you off your eventual goal, and keep your mind focused on the end goal.

Read the books on techniques and methods, take the classes and do the workshops. Continue to make your connections and do your networking. Model your favourite couple of actors. And in the words of Tony Robbins the well-know motivational speaker – ‘If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results’ if you constantly apply what you learn.


Many actors may well think of this as some kind of flippant remark but when you actually think of the connotations of modeling the careers of successful actors and applying the techniques they used to become successful. After all isn’t this part of what you do when you follow a technique like Meisner or Stanislavski?

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