Have You Got Headshot Baggage?

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Many times when I come to shoot an actors headshot of a new client it comes up in conversation that they hate having their headshots done because…

–  they hate being photographed
–  they hate their face
–  they’ve had a bad headshot photographer experience
–  they were under too much pressure
–  they didn’t get great results
–  or they feel as though they’ve wasted their money

Does any of this sound familiar? I’m sure you know somebody who this sounds like.

Headshots are important, they can really help with an actors career especially when they are on the way up. That’s why I take great joy in getting a great headshot for clients who come carrying their headshot baggage.
I think it’s incredibly important to chat to my clients before the shoot and during it, to show them the headshots and how great they are as we go along, this helps boost confidence and banish away those fears and insecurities.

A great headshot will boost your confidence, and have a tremendous effect on your casting to audition rate.

actors headshot © Nick Gregan

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