How To Ace Your Audition

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To do really well in an audition you’ll have to practice your audition skills until they become second nature. Every single actor knows how critical a good audition is This and  your headshot are crucial to your success as an actor.

A Great Example Of An Actors Headshot

A Great Example Of An Actors Headshot

Giving your memory a good work out is one of the most valuable skills as it is critical to learning your lines. Making sure you have a few pieces memorised is absolutely essential for any actor. Every actor should set aside at least 15 minutes of their schedule everyday and practice their reading. It’s imperative that you have several audition pieces and that you practice them on a regular basis along with your sight-reading skills. Having these two techniques thoroughly practiced and comfortably in your ‘locker’ relieves the pressure on the day of the audition.

You can begin by simply taking a few sentences from a script or a play and reading them aloud. Take a good look at them and try to repeat the sentences without looking back at the passage. The first time you may well struggle with just a few words. But within 15-20 minutes or so, as you continue to practice, you will find that you will memorize the whole of the sentence and maybe part of the second, and so on. Whatever you do, you have to perfect your skills. You have to put your time and energy into them. The more you practice, the more you’ll be prepared. Then if you get a sudden call for an audition, your preparation will definitely pay off. But you should also remember that improvisation is one of the greatest skills an actor can have. You can be funny, creative, energetic or even solemn, pensive and thoughtful to bring life into the character.

If you read well and you’re right for the part hopefully you’ll get that callback. What happens if you read well but and your audition piece is wrong – well that’s just tough luck. Take it on the chin and get on with it – and learn for the next time. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Think of it as a learning experience and make sure you’re better prepared next time.

The casting director may well think that you are a good actor, but not exactly suitable for the role. Maybe they thought you didn’t understand the character correctly – another essential skill for the actor. As an actor you’ll have to learn to make those choices and interpretations, as they’re crucial to a successful audition. When you’re introduced to the character, you’ll have to visualise and understand what the character is all about. Essentially you’ll do  your own version of the role, but it’s you who brings the character to life.

Everyone likes a creative and intelligent actor but a director will be more impressed by an actor who can follow direction. You should keep in mind that you’re there to impress, to get the role but you’re also there to follow direction and bring a character to life under that direction. You may well be asked to read with another actor, a complete stranger auditioning at the same time, or someone employed by the casting directors to play a role across the whole day for everyone the same way. If you have a chance to practice together – great – do it. If you don’t and you have to do your duologue straight off, make the most of it. Give it you’re best shot and try to bounce off the other actor, look for clues in their speech and actions and feed off those for a better, more realistic performance.


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