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How To Analyse Your Headshot Part 1


Why aren’t you getting as many auditions as you want to?

Why don’t you get any callbacks?

Is your confidence suffering?

It’s because your headshot is not working for you it’s working AGAINST you!

Why analyse your headshot?

When you are not getting as many auditions and castings as you think you should. Or, if you aren’t getting the right kind of castings you think you should, it’s probably because your headshot isn’t working for you! If you’re not getting enough auditions or the right auditions there’s usually something wrong and more often than not it’s your headshot!

Learn how to look at your headshot and work out if it’s doing its job and the steps to take to improve it.

By taking the time to really analyse your headshot, to dig deep into what the message it is sending, how people are reacting to it and if that is a positive or negative way.

Once you understand the technique of How to analyse your headshot and apply it to your own photograph you’ll discover a new way of looking at headshots.

Understanding the message your headshot is sending about you is crucial to understand how people perceive you.

In this Episode of SNAPSHOTS, I take you through the key points every AWESOME headshot needs starting with the eyes! It’s not good enough to have an ‘OK’ headshot, you need an AWESOME HEADSHOT and this video shows you how.

Let’s ask why we analyse your headshot.

As an actor, your headshot is an essential tool for showcasing your talent and getting noticed by casting directors and agents. In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial, and that includes optimizing your headshot for search engines to increase your visibility.

Why Headshots Matter for Actors

Your headshot is your first impression and it has to have the WOW Factor! It’s often the first thing casting directors and agents see when they are searching for talent online or reviewing submissions. A well-crafted headshot can capture your personality, convey your unique brand, and make you stand out from the competition. It’s not just a simple photograph, but a powerful marketing tool that can open doors to new opportunities.

What is Snapshots and What is How To Analyse Your Headshot Part 1?

Snapshot is a series of how-to videos that break down some of the myths and mysteries of headshots. In this series, NickGregan a headshot photographer in London dives deep into what makes an awesome headshot and what leaves other headshots lacking.How to analyse your headshot - part 1

Straight talking and using headshot examples Nick explains how you can improve your acting headshot, how to prepare for your next headshot session and also, and how to complain if you are not happy.

Many actors don’t know their headshot simply isn’t good enough. They are not aware that it is working against them and not FOR THEM!

You might think this is crazy but as I wrote in a previous post, Expert Headshot Photographer, actors can’t be expected to be an expert in every area of their career. They may be brilliant actors performing effortlessly on stage, slipping seamlessly into and out of complex characters. They may have a perfect RP English accent and can learn lines in an instant but that doesn’t mean they are experts in headshots.

How To Analyse Your Headshot Part 2, coming soon.

This is why this post How to Analyse your Headshot Part 1 is so useful. It doesn’t just apply to actors these techniques work for everyone who needs a profile picture or headshot.

In part 2, I’ll be covering such things as ‘distractions and backgrounds among others.


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