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How To Recognise A Bad Actors Headshot

By October 5, 2012June 12th, 2017No Comments

A great actors headshot can really help your career, its job is to be your calling card, to create a great first impression and ultimately get you to an audition. Once this happens your headshot has done it’s job well. However a bad headshot can have an equally influential effect on your career too, although it will be in a negative way.

  • Ever wonder why you’re not getting any auditions
  • Ever felt as though you’re just not good enough
  • Ever felt like giving up on your dream (and getting a real job)

Maybe these feelings can be put down to the results of a bad headshot. Simply put if your headshot doesn’t have the wow factor and stand out from the crowd then you’re never going to get noticed. If you never get to go to an audition then no one is ever going to see how good an actor, singer or dancer you are. It’s then easy for a poor situation to spiral out of control into doubting your own ability and challenging your beliefs about career choice and even in your talent.

Here’s an example of a bad headshot that commit’s several major mistakes:

  • It has a very busy / distracting background drawing the eye of the viewer away from the actor.
  • It has a drain pipe coming out of the top of the subject’s head – bad composition and another distraction.
  • What does it say about the actor and his professionalism?

example bad headshot

Today’s world of casting is even more competitive than ever and every headshot you put out there has to give you the very best chance of making a great first impression and grabbing the attention of a casting director, agent or producer. Using a headshot like this say’s so much in a negative way and more importantly does nothing to grab the attention of the people who can give you work.

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