Industry Insiders On Actors Headshots

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Actors headshots come in many different styles, colour, black & white, daylight and studio, not to mention cropped in tightly and also the American style of waist-up shots. Whatever the style, industry insiders all agree that it must look like you.

Lets be clear about this the actors headshots must be a true representation of you, it must look like you. However tempting it is to make yourself more glamorous, to have retouching done make yourself look better than you normally do, you’ve got to look like your headshot when you turn up.

Don’t take a chance with your headshot. Accept how you look and who you are.

One of the things I say to actors when I’m photographing them is, is that headshot saying ” hey this is me , I hope you like me ‘cos I do” I think as long as you feel comfortable and happy with your headshot then you will have no worries about sending it out, and conversely no complaints if you’re not getting seen.

In this video by the Backstage crew at Actorfest industry insiders give their views on what’s important in a headshot.

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