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Is The Headshot Photographer Responsible?

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Here’s the whole sentence; If you are using a bad headshot who is responsible for that, is it the headshot photographer or is it you?

There are two scenarios to think about here:

1) Was it your choice of which headshot to use and do you know what a good headshot is?
2) Did your headshot photographer do a poor job of photographing you?

There’s many actors especially one’s just starting their career who are not really sure what a great headshot is. Often when I am shooting newbies in the studio they simply don’t know what is or isn’t a great photo of them. Sometimes they miss the point – it’s about ‘will this photo get me noticed, will it get me work?’ if not then it’s of no use. This is the fundamental reason and job of an actors headshot.

Unfortunately this takes some time to understand and can be influenced by family, friends and even your partner as each of these people in your life have their own view of you which is not necessarily the image you want to portray as a performer. Here’s a great resource to help you learn the fundamentals of The 7 Srecrets Of A Great Headshot

This is why it’s crucial when you choose your headshot photographer that you research their work, their experience and their reputation within the industry. Anyone with several years experience and contacts with the big agencies will understand fully the many elements that go into making a great headshot and more importantly how to help you express yourself and deliver a photo with personality that stands out from the crowd.

It’s not about fancy, moody, shadowy lighting, it’s not about props, it’s not about the location whether it’s in a studio or out doors – they are all distractions and take the eye of the viewer away from the most important part of the photograph – you. A great headshot is not a simple photograph it has to convey so much more in a very short time and it has to grab the attention of the viewer straight away. One of the essential parts to succeeding with your photography session is the relationship you have with your headshot photographer, you must believe in them and their ability , you need to have some sort of connection or understanding with them. It’s not necessarily about having fun but that plays a big part in the relationship and ultimately the final outcome.

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