Is this the Future of Headshot Photography?I’ve heard recently there are some headshot photographers shooting their headshots sessions on video. The people who shoot like this say in their sales burb, ‘you’ll never miss the shot’!

Well of course you wouldn’t because you are recording every second of the session.

And, you’ll never miss the shot because you were blinking, looking away, not smiling, pulling a face or not ready. All you have to do is look at the camera and let them record you.

But… Is it as easy as that?

Of course not, otherwise everyone would be a headshot photographer.

In order to ‘never miss the shot’, you have to be capable of getting ‘the shot’ in the first place. And therein lies one of the most important skills of a headshot photographer, being able to encourage their client to express true emotion and personality. If the headshot photographer doesn’t have that skill then it doesn’t matter if they never miss the shot because the shot won’t be there in the first place. And none of those shots will be good enough!

Communicating is critical to help catch the shot, it helps you express real emotion and personality. This is what separates a great headshot photographer from an OK one, that and the skill to capture true emotions in a split second. Check out the Headshot Conversation here.

But back to headshots on video and the question is this is the future of headshot photography?

Another problem I see is the time factor. If you have an hour’s photo session and therefore an hour’s Is this the Future of Headshot Photography?, it’s going to take you and the photographer at least another hour to go through the footage and pick your shots. Probably much more if you are going through it frame by frame!

Does that mean you’ll have to pay more for the photographer’s time? Or may it mean that you are only shooting for half the session and editing the other half? It certainly sounds like a lot more work for both parties.

Maybe I’m a traditionalist, after all I’ve been shooting headshots for almost 28 years. I still believe the best headshots come from someone who is confident, comfortable and open to direction. Achieving that state is a joint effort from photographer and subject, it’s about communication.

Finally, is this the future of headshot photography? I don’t think so as I have said there is more to shooting great headshots than just capturing images. Do I think there is an opportunity to help some people who have difficulty in front of the camera?


I ask myself if this is the future of headshot photography? Technology is improving all of the time, new skills are being  learned and brought into the photography arena constantly so who knows where we will be in 5 or 10 years time.

One thing that will never change is the relationship between the sitter and the photographer, the better it is the better the headshots will be.


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