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The Right Thing To Wear For Your Actors Headshot.

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Choosing the right thing to wear for your headshot can prove a tricky task, if you’re not aware of the message your sending out. One of the most asked question by my client prior to their shoot is; what’s the best thing to wear?

I advise my clients to wear something fairly simple and plain for their actors headshot shoot. There are exceptions to this, which I’ll go over later. But in the main the idea is to have your face and eyes as the main focus of the picture and not a trendy fashion top that you’ve just bought. Firstly it can date a picture as some fashion items are in one month and out the next. Secondly we really don’t want anyone who looks at your headshot to be paying any attention to what you’re wearing, if they are then they’re not looking where they’re supposed to and that’s at your face.

As an actors headshot photographer in London I’ve stated many times before your headshot only has a very small time frame to make an impression. We all know that first impressions count, so we have only a couple of seconds for the right impression to be made. We want the casting director to go ‘yeah I love this shot’ rather than ‘nice top shame about the face’ or words to that effect.

Make sure you stay away from strong jazzy patterns or bold stripes as these can all lead the eye of the viewer away from you face, similarly it’s the samthe right thing to wear for your headshot© Nick Greagne with big bold earrings or big necklace’s as these draw the eye away too.

There are exceptions to the rule though, you may have a very ‘distinct look’ that places you in a certain type of role, you may look like Bett Lynch or Pat Butcher, if so then play to your market niche. In this instance you could easily get away with big jewellery and a gaudy patterned blouse. Pitching your actors headshot in this way will limit you severely to the type of roles you get asked to audition for so think carefully and understand ‘your look’ before choosing this option.

There is also another aspect to consider – should you dress to suit your character? As I touched on above I think it’s not only crucial but common sense that you dress to suit your castability. If yur headshot lands on the desk of the casting director ‘looking the part’ you have a much better chance catching their attention that if you look completely unsuitable for the role. Understanding your castability is another matter and it’s worth the time and effort to recognise and accept the kind of roles you can play – hard as it may be sometimes!

Don’t dress for success – dress to impress.

If you are lookig for more information or even a second opinion on on what to wear in your headshot read this.

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