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Musical Theatre Headshots

I’m lucky, I love my job.

Especially when I have a really fun shoot that delivers a selection of awesome headshots and my client walks away very happy Actress, Samantha Spragg came to me because she needed Musical Theatre Headshots to help launch her career once she left drama school.

We had an excellent chat before the shoot about her needs, in particular, the different types of roles she was likely to play. It’s a simple process but many actors don’t take the time or give any thought to the kind of roles they are suitable for.


I call it their castability, the kind of roles you are likely to play. Not necessarily the ones you want to play. It doesn’t take long to look at yourself or, ask your peers the kind of roles they think you are likely to play. Once you know and understand your castability then you should absolutely get headshots that suit those roles.


Does this apply to musical theatre headshots?

Musical Theatre Headshots by Nick Gregan

Of course, this does, does your headshot have to impress a casting director? Are there lots of other musical theatre performers looking for those roles? Remember, unless your musical theatre headshot grabs the attention of a casting director how on earth are they going to know what you can do? They won’t look at your CV, your qualifications or special skills. Just as an actor’s headshot is crucial to getting noticed a musical theatre performer’s headshot is just as important.



Musical Theatre Headshots by Nick GreganRoxie or Joseph?

Here’s an excerpt from my ebook ‘The Headshot Bible – 50 Tips For A Perfect Headshot’ where I go into much more detail on your castability and character headshots.

It’s important to understand your castability, will you ever play the handsome lead or is your look more suited to the bad-boy roles? Be honest with yourself when you look in the mirror who do you see, ask yourself what kind of roles are you good at playing – it may not always be the kind you want to play! If you are unsure, ask your friends, your agent and your teachers.

You may dream of playing ‘Roxie’ in Chicago or ‘Joseph’ in the Technicolor Dreamcoat but seriously, if you’re not the strongest singer be realistic and aim for a more reachable goal.

So in essence you must look like your headshot and must be realistic about the type of work or role you’ll be able to get.




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