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Portrait Photography in London

Professional portrait photography.

Portrait Photography London

Nick Gregan is an experienced headshot photographer who has been providing professional portrait photography in London for more than 28 years now. Over the years, Nick has taken the headshots of thousands of actors in studios across the UK and worldwide. Nick believes in providing a highly professional service in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

How Do I Know

What Portrait Photographer to Choose In London?

What it really comes down to is experience, portfolio consistency and your personal opinion of how you want to be represented.

We have worked with thousands of actors and actresses for more than 28 years to deliver their perfect portrait. Our method is consistent and is one that works. We believe simplicity is key but also make sure all of our clients are relaxed and confident.

The main question is “do I want a portrait that looks like that?” – something all of our clients say “yes” to.


Read below for answers to some of our most frequent questions…

What to Wear

Wear plain clothing and try to avoid bold stripes or jazzy patterns that will draw the attention away from your face. There’s plenty of time in your session to change your clothes a few times.

Hair & Make-up

The most important thing about your make-up is that you look natural. There will be time during your session to change your look but, it’s crucial you look like your headshot when you walk into the casting room.

90 Minute Session. Unlimited Photos.

Your session will last 90 minutes and include photos in multiple settings, both in the studio and outdoors. There is no limit on how many photos we take. Throughout the session, we can pick the best 30-35 photos ready for retouching to enhance the quality of the headshot.