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Preparing For Your Actors Headshot Photoshoot – Part 2

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Preparing For Your Actors Headshot Session

In my view, one of the most important things an actor can do to ensure a good actors headshot session is to show up in good time and come prepared. If you have to, show up early and wait in your car or grab a coffee across the street so be it. If you’re running late it nearly always creates stress and takes focus away from your photographic session. It adds an extra level of discomfort and is just plain unprofessional. It can put the photographer in an awkward position. They may have another client right after you who are on time and they may feel rushed and can’t work the way they normally would.

Headshot –  More Preperation

As for preparation, make sure have all of your things ready the night before. That means clothes that you know look good on you and are suitable for the shoot. Ensure they are clean and pressed. Good preparation is deciding on your clothes ahead of time and having them ready. I prefer when actors brings more clothes than less, as this gives us a greater choice, but please don’t show up with your entire closet and clothes that haven’t fit you in years! This is simply an overkill and a distraction from your headshot session.

The Morning Of Your Headshot

On the morning of your session, remember that a lot revolves around your headshot session so do not put yourself in any stressful situations. Hopefully your partner – if they are not in the business – will understand the significance and the costs involved in your headshot session. It goes without saying do not go out and party the night before, drink plenty of water leading up to the shoot, and get a good night’s rest. Lastly, have confidence in your choice of photographer, and don’t make it such a big deal. It’s normal to be a little nervous, but you will simply sabotage your headshot session if you put to much pressure on yourself.

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