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Selfie Headshot vs Pro Headshot

Isn’t it funny how some things happen. I was talking to another headshot photographer today and we both talked about the  rise of the selfie headshot vs pro headshot.

We both made the same observation within seconds of each other.A selfie headshot vs a pro headshot

He has just photographed someone who insisted on being photographed from high up to the left – a classic selfie angle.

I had photographed a woman a few days previously who hated all of her photos. – crikey! I thought.

It wasn’t until I dug a little deeper to find out what was going on, that I twigged how to help her.  It turned out that she loved taking selfies but (as is usually the case) only from one angle.

Check out this research about the best selfie angle. If you quickly scan YouTube you’ll find tons of advice and tips on this, but most of them don’t talk about the selfie headshot vs pro headshot.

Some people think a selfie is all you need.

This might be the case if you are a supporting artist or an extra. But, it is categorically not true if you are an actor who wants to be taken seriously.

In this case there is no debate about the selfie headshot vs pro headshot. It’s a pro headshot all the way.

As a headshot photographer it is my job to deliver awesome headshots that are correct for the market they are to be used for.

Sometimes this isn’t exactly what the client wants but, I can only offer my advice.

However, in the case of a young actor who is influenced by the selfie culture and the influencer’s who peddle it. It can be a tricky conversation – the merits of a selfie headshot vs pro headshot to a bona fide member of the selfie generation.

I’m pleased to say my client listened to the advice of ‘a wise old headshot photographer’ and I also took on board her desire for ‘her type of headshots’.

Hopefully she will use the right photos but I can’t force her to.

Do the right thing

A selfie headshot vs a pro headshotAnd this is the critical issue. I am a pro headshot photographer and I know my job.  If you book a session with me then you obviously understand the value and importance of an eye catching headshot.

Why not let me help you get noticed with an awesome headshot? Why not listen to an expert in their field? The big issue to keep in mind is that an actors headshot is a specialist type of headshot and it has one job, to get you noticed by casting directors, agents, producers etc…

Selfie headshot vs pro headshot

A selfie just won’t cut it

It doesn’t matter what an influencer who is sitting in their bedroom tell’s you.

As social media influencers gain greater influence over all of us but particularly the younger generations. We may, in the not too distant future, see casting directors be forced to accept a rubbish headshot from high up on the right or left.  But probably not.

For casting directors there is no debate about the selfie headshot vs pro headshot.

Selfie headshot means no auditions, no opportunities to impress and no chance to follow your dream.

Do yourself a favour and ditch the selfie headshot vs pro headshot debate, you’ll save yourself a lot of disappointment. The world of actong is an exciting dream filled world where opportunities abound.

The crucial point in the casting (therefore opportunity) process is right at the start. Making the right first impression makes a huge difference in the opportunities that come your way. Make a bad first impression and you never get the chance to impress at the audition and you’ll alwways miss the big opportunities.


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