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The Session

Your headshot session lasts 2 hours which gives us more than enough time to take some great headshots, it even gives us time to have a chat, coffee, change tops, alter make up and even change your hair. During your session I’ll shoot a variety of actors headshots both in the studio & outdoors (depending on weather conditions) and we’ll have plenty of time to view them together on the computer as we go along. It’s important at this point that I hear your comments and suggestions this way I sure you’re totally happy with the direction of the shoot. After all, these are your shots and I expect you to offer your opinions. Then we’ll shoot some more, and once again view what we’ve taken.

I shoot my headshots digitally so there is no limit to the number of shots which can be taken. However at the end of the session we will only save the best shots. I will then load these to a secure area on my website with a link, username & password.

Once you have chosen your final headshots generally 3, I will retouch the first three images included in the session fee but you can choose as many as you want.. Extra retouching can be done to other images as requested.

These are then loaded up in High Res to Dropbox for you to download.

Actress Headshots in London

The Headshot

I’m often asked by clients what is the best type of actors headshot to use, “is a smile better than a straight face?” “is a tightly cropped shot better than a full headshot?” The answer is why not have both? It’s know when tou use each type of headshot. Here’s a link to a great video I made about the difference and uses of the commercial headshot and the theatrical headshot. If you like it leave a comment below it and share it on social media.

The best advice I can give any client is that your headshot must stand-out from all others, showing the “wow” factor. Casting directors and agents view many photographs often in rapid succession, and your headshot needs to stand out from the crowd. Casting directors need to stop at your headshots and love them. We have to make them want to look at your CV and ask you to audition.

I like to think that even though there may be several people with a similar look or CV as you, they’ll be impressed enough by your actors headshots to look at your CV and then to ask you for audition or interview.

My style of photography is very relaxed and easy going. I’m here to help you get the best possible shot. I like to have fun and I always try to take natural shots that clearly show you. I want my pictures to say to people, “ Hey this is me, aren’t I great ”

Most of all, I love my work and I like to have fun. Hopefully you’ll have fun too and actually enjoy having your headshot being taken.

Headshots in London by Nick Gregan


As an actors headshot photographer in London, Nick has embraced digital photography with a passion and relish for the medium and it’s technology. Using Canon cameras and lenses, as an expert in the image editing software Adobe Photoshop the possibilities are limitless.

One of the major advantages of shooting digitally is the ability to see immediately the photographs that have just been taken, allowing the client to see the headshot and feel much more comfortable knowing the shoot is going well. It allows me to point out to the client subtle things that may not always be possible to explain easily without the visual image of a photo, especially things like, eye focus or eye content. This way we can make the adjustments and alterations straight away including changing hair or make up.

Another major advantage is the ability to retouch the image. This can be anything from a stray hair, an unexpected spot on the morning of the shoot or the effects of a late night or even the ageing process. There are many applications of the retouching skill. However, in my opinion it’s always better to get things right in the first place and have no need of any retouching or manipulation. The ability to change almost anything is not a reason to take poor actors headshots in the first place.

Ready to have Nick take your photo?

Nick Gregan Actors Headshot Photographer in London

What to wear

It’s important that your actors headshots looks clean and simple without clutter, and it must portray you at your best. With this in mind, I suggest you wear nothing too busy. By that I mean no bold stripes or strong patterns, try to keep jewellery small and simple.

My reasoning for this is quite simple. I want nothing in the photograph to distract from you and your face. I do not want to draw the eye of the viewer away to the top you are wearing. I don’t want anyone who looks at your shot to think – oh that’s a nice necklace or that’s nice striped tie. It’s the same with make up – use your normal everyday make up, so that when you turn up at an audition or a casting you look like your picture. You never know when you may get a call to go and see somebody.

On the same theme, I like quite clean backgrounds that help the viewer to focus on you, I don’t like busy strong patterns that confuse or complicate the photograph. Likewise, if I’m shooting outdoors I don’t like the usual shot of you in front of a bush or shrub. All those different shapes and textures just complicate things for the eye and complicate the whole headshot..

To reiterate, I believe the focus of an actors headshot should be your face and have no distractions to take the viewer’s eye away from your face.

Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer London


Your headshot session includes, around 300-400 shots taken, we’ll go through them together keeping the best ones and getting rid of the ones that don’t make the grade. I use this time to coach you things such as posture or connectivity, and point out where things can be adjusted.

I’ll upload the saved shots to a secure private gallery and there you or your agent can choose the best three images for retouching. Each session lasts 90 minutes but can run up to 2 hours – so there’s no rush

All appointments need to be booked in advance and a deposit is taken to secure your booking. If you’d prefer to talk to me in person before the session just call the studio on 020 8533 3003 where any further questions can be answered.

Working hours are from 9.00 am, and the last appointment 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday. I don’t normally work weekends unless by special arrangement or for group bookings.

Extra prints can be either b&w or colour and are £15.00 for an individual 10×8.

For further information or to talk about group bookings, please contact me here

Reasons to work with Nick

  • Nick has over 25 years of experience
  • 1000s of happy clients can’t be wrong
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Nick has been providing actor headshot photography in London for over 25 years now, and has taken upwards of 20,000 headshots for actors, presenters, performers and business people. If you’re looking for a headshot photographer that can produce a great photo that brings out the best in you, whilst providing a service that is both enjoyable and relaxed, then Nick is the man for the job.

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