Shakespeare’s Tips For Choosing A Headshot Photographer

‘A walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets this hour upon the stage and is then heard no more’ – Macbeth…..

                  …..In other words show your personality.

A great headshot needs to show bags of personality – your personality.

Remember there are thousands of actors out there and there’ll probably be quite a few with a similar look to you. You need to  tale  the advice of Shakespeare’s tips for choosing a headshot photographer and make sure your headshot stands out from the crowd and when a casting director looks at it we want them to think ‘yes’ this is exactly who I’m looking for. As a headshot photographer I want them to notice you!

Casting directors see so many headshots every day. Make no bones about it they can spot a good one straight away, equally so they can spot a poor one a million miles away and they usually end up straight in the bin. Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer in LondonWhen your headshot lands on their desk or more likely these days on their computers desktop it only has a second or two to make its impression. We want that to be the right impression as first impressions do count and first impressions are lasting impressions.

Many casting directors now view multiple headshots at the same time on their computer screens and their skilled eyes scan over them quickly easily spotting poor headshots as quickly as they are drawn to great headshots.

This is the time to show that sparkle in your eye, your depth of personality, your vivaciousness, your vibrancy or your professionalism. It’s the time to show what makes you special and makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s time to how that you’re not just like any other actor. In my new book ‘The Headshot Bible’ I lay out 50 tips for a perfect headshot and Tip no 15 – Personality Is Crucial I explain id detail how a headshot with personality always catches the eye of those looking at it.

Ask our old friend what he thinks and Shakespeare’s Tips For Choosing A Headshot Photographer?

This is where your relationship with your headshot photographer is critical.they have the opportunity to help you ‘express yourself’ to encourage ‘a performance’ out of you that they can capture on camera. Remember your headshot is often the first point of contact and often the only point of contact casting directors might have with you. Don’t take a chance with your one opportunity to make a great impression, if you have to scrimp and save a bit to see one of the top headshot photographers then do so as it will be money well spent.

The top headshot photographers are there for a reason and that is their headshots get you noticed. But and this is a big but as Tip no.2 – Choosing The Right Headshot Photographer For You reveals not every headshot photographer is the right fit for you.


So remember the words of the Great Bard don’t be………

……..A walking shadow

This is a series of ten blog posts from an interview with William Shakespeare (not really), look out for more inspirational words from the Great Bard himself coming soon!

And I hope you enjoyed Shakespeare’s Tips For Choosing A Headshot Photographer


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