Simona Thompson Headshot Photography Testimonial

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Simona Thompson Headshot Photography Testimonial

Headshot photography is all about fun, and we had loads of that shooting Simona’s new headshots last week. We took some geat headshots that will definitely help Simona get noticed.

The secret to great headshots is personality, emotion and connectivity. In my soon to released new book ’50 Tips For A Perfect Headshot’ I go over the many aspects that need to come together to ensure your headshot stands out from the crowd.

Here’s an excerpt from Tip no.18 – Character Is Important

Over the last few years online casting sites have grown in number and in importance, it’s now possible to find plenty of work on these sites. What is the best way to get yourself noticed on these sites and make yourself stand out from the crowd? It’s about understanding your castability and making sure you apply for roles that you are suited for. You wouldn’t apply for a role as a lead singer when you don’t have a great voice, thats the skill side of the equation but if you understand your ‘look’ then you’ll be applying for suitable roles and you stand a much better chance of being asked to audition.

I think with the way casting has changed over the last few years that it’s incredibly important to have several character headshots in your portfolio of headshots, by this I mean, a good commercial smiling shot, a confident friendly shot, perhaps a darker edgier or sinister one etc… What this means is that you can instantly submit the correct type of headshot for a particular role and give yourself a better chance of being noticed.

Whenever you are thinking of booking a photography session it’s worth considering your ‘casting type’ and discussing this with the headshot photographer, also ask if they can shoot several character type headshots within your session – as without a doubt you will need them.

If you want great headshots that get you noticed call me on 0800 0029 087

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