Hi Nick. Thanks so much again for the shoot last week and it was great to work with you. I had a really nice time. I have never felt so comfortable in front of a camera. I really like all the photos.

– Peter York

Nick Gregan is the only headshot photographer I have been to that makes you feel very comfortable in the studio and most important in front of the camera. He has many years experience and knows how to get the most from the client hence having more than enough great headshot choices. I can’t recommend him highly enough and would never go anywhere else.

– Kelly Downes

Thank you again for a great headshot session – I was quite nervous about getting to grips with this side of the industry, but I had a great time under your direction!

– Mike Fish

Had some fab photos done today. I can’t recommend Nick Gregan enough. He has a brilliant studio and wonderful way with actors. He made Kim feel really at ease (she was a bit trepidatious) and got some really good input from her. Kim will be sending you the ones she and Nick chose for your delectation. Please put him on your recommendation list.

– Don McCorkindale

Hi Nick! Just wanted to say a final thank you for my amazing headshots. I just looked over the photos on the disc which I received earlier last week and even the unedited ones are absolutely amazing. Thank you again for such an inviting afternoon. Hopefully I’ll see you in the future when we will be working together again. Also I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends, I don’t think I could sing your praises enough! I had such a great time and considering it was my first headshot session you made me very enthusiastic about having to get them done at least once a year 🙂

– Louise O’Hara

Nick is a true professional, offering helpful advice and direction to ensure you get the right headshot and images you are happy with. I had a great session with him and would highly recommend – Thankyou Nick, I will definately be working with you again.

– Jenny Yeates

Thanks again Nick. Really good session and I think you really captured some great shots. I can see why you were recommended and I will be doing the same too.

– Mark Donahue

Nick is very professional, very helpful and made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the session. His prices are reasonable and he gives you some helpful tips along the way. He’s definitely the man to see.

– Siobhan Luff

Fantastic photographer, I would highly recommend getting your headshots done here.

– Joe Johnson

I enjoyed a lot working with Nick. Session with him was a fun and creative experience. I was very happy with the results, as he captured the best side of myself. Highly professional!

– Natasha Stanic

Nick Gregan is a fantastic photographer! His skill and experience are very apparent from the word go, and he really puts you at ease. He is passionate about what he does, and really helps you to get the right headshot for you; offering advice before, during and after your appointment! A true professional.

– Katherine Astbury

Nick is a great photographer, made me feel very comfortable when shooting and I am very impressed with the results.

– Felicity Bunfield

I have been using Nick Gregan on and off for 16 years. Whenever I return after an off period I always question why I try to freshen up my pictures with other photographers. Nick is great.

– Andrew Earl

Nick Gregan is a great photographer, he made me feel really comfortable and he is just a great and lovely guy. Nick was very professional and fast. I got the images within the couple days. I would definitely work with Nick again.

– Leonie Haynes-Moses

Absolutely fantastic photographer for actors headshots. Highly recommended without reservation.

– Hayley Emma Otway

Right from the start you get the impression that everything is just alright. During the session I felt in good hands. Nick makes a lot of effort to show different sides of a face and there were some views of me on the photos I haven’t seen before. Professional and concentrated work in a relaxed atmosphere. And most important: the results are great. With these new headshots I have now a precious tool up-to-date for my marketing materials and promotions.

– Tom Wiedemann

Hey Nick, thanks ever so much for everything! You were brilliant and I’ve recommended you to everyone! Sam x

– Sam Renford

Hey Nick, thanks again your quality of service it’s the best! You’re definitely my photographer from now on 🙂

– Helin

The headshots worked out great. I’ve just been signed to a commercial agent. He is really into the colour ones.

– Mary Looby

Thank you so much – you are a very talented man – of course I will be very happily suggesting you when I am asked.

– Suzy Korel

I did a search on headshot photography and discovered your site. I must say I am inspired. The information on your site has really helped me move forward with this new chapter in my life.

– Mark

It was so much fun at the session and I had a great time. Theres some wonderful pics there so thank you again for your efforts.

– Valerie

Hi Nick. Just to let you know that Joshua has secured the Clarks autumn/winter 2012 Shoot . I emailed the lovely black & white photo you took & he got his first casting along with 250 kids! Then the recall was 35 kids & he has just got booked great start don’t you think. It all started with your photo and I wanted to say thank-you.


Just wanted to say you did a great job with this old face – Thanks!

– Anthony

My Agent loved my new headshots you did and more importantly, I loved them! Thanks Nick!

– Laura Amy Sullivan

Nick I just wanted to say thank you so much for your great headshot session. I got a movie straight away with Faye Dunaway directly as a result of your headshots. Thanks, you’re a star!

– Hayley

I really didn’t think I needed new headshots, I haven’t changed since my last ones but I keep seeing a friend of mine and every time I see her she is off to another audition. When I asked her how she was getting so many auditions recently she told me she had some new headshots done by you. So I decided to do the same, I am delighted with the results and yes I am getting more auditions straight away. Nick thank you so much for your great work.

– Richard

You’re a Master Craftsman indeed. There’s some fantastically strong images there. Thank you sir. It was a pleasure to sit in front of your lens.

– Allin

A great session that went very smoothly, Nick used some really cool direction that made me feel completely at ease. Thanks For some great headshots.

– Anthony

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