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The Headshot Bible

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The Headshot Bible?

The Headshot Bible is, in a few simple words, the most comprehensive guide to achieving the perfect headshot imaginable!

This book is filled with fantastic insider tips and little known techniques to improve your headshot. It’s aimed primarily at actors and performers but, and this is a big but it applies to everyone who uses a headshot – whether you work in the corporate world, an entrepreneur or you just want people to know who you are! Your headshot is crucial!

In today’s visually aware world, image is everything – well almost! It’s often the first contact you have with the casting director or agent and it’s the most visible representation of you and who you are as an actor.

If you apply the information contained in this book, if you put into practice the easy-to-use tips and techniques within it, you can choose the way people see you. Yes, that’s right, you choose how you want people to see you! A simple matter of altering your pose can dramatically change the way you look in your headshot – don’t think so? Then read Tip no. 26 – Feel The Force and surprise yourself with the result. Remember first impressions are often the lasting impression.

Would having your hands in your headshot effect how you look? There’s no doubt about it – it will and if you want to know why, read Tip no.37 – Should I Have My Hands In My Headshot? Here’s a brief except.

Having a hand close up to and covering part of your face defeats the purpose of the headshot in so much as it’s not showing all of your face. There could be a very good reason for this. Maybe you are using your hand to cover some kind of mark or facial feature that you don’t particularly want people to see. Occasionally you see headshots were an actor is resting their head too-heavily on their hand. When this happens they end up pushing the skin of their face into an unnatural way, creating folds or wrinkles and stretching their skin in an unnatural way.

So as you can guess I don’t think you should have hands in your headshot, it’s one of the golden rules of headshots. I think hands can create unnecessary distractions leading the viewer’s eye away from the main point of focus – your face. Why would you intentionally do that as an actor? I don’t know, but plenty do. If you’re still in doubt check out these three photos and tell me what you think?

headshot photography from Nick Gregan  headshot photography from Nick Gregan  Bad hand day

Read The Headshot Bible and find out lots of other invaluable hints, tips and techniques to improve your headshot. If you’re looking for a second opinion on hands check out this great article on Backstage about The Rules of Posing.

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