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The Original Headshot Superhero

In the world of comic book superheroes there maybe one you haven’t heard of yet…Nick Gregan Portrait & HEadshot photographer

He’s The Headshot Super Hero!

But, who is this guy? What does he do and how can he help those in need???

If your headshot isn’t scoring you enough auditions, if it can’t get you through the casting directors door, if your headshot leaves you feeling unconfident… you need The Headshot Super Hero.

He’ll smash your worries away, he’ll banish the blues and give you a headshot that knocks down doors! POW, KABOOM & THWACK – he’s got your back! He’s The Headshot Superhero!

What are the strengths of a headshot superhero? He’ll know the industry inside out, have years of experience, he’ll calm your pre-shoot nerves and coach the very best out of you. In essence he’ll deliver a headshot that will get you noticed, it’ll grab the attention of the casting director and make them want to see you in the audition room.

Many actors simply don’t know enough about headshots, they think they’ll wow the casting director when they get to the audition but wait… If your eyes aren’t focused in the right place, if you don’t look like your headshot or your headshot doesn’t burst with personality and spirit your headshot won’t even get seen let alone looked at properly.

Your headshot only has one job and that’s to get you to an audition.


Let’s break down those 3 crucial parts of a headshot.


  • THE WOW FACTOR – It’s All About The Eyes
  • They need to be looking in the right direction, and focused on the right point. That is, directly into the camera so the viewer feels you are looking at them. But your eyes need to be doing more than that, they need to be expressing personality and emotion. More on this here
  • RECOGNITION – It Must Look Like You
  • What is the number one complaint from casting directors? When an actor walks into their casting and doesn’t look like the headshot they submitted. You are wasting their time and yours! Why would anyone use a headshot where they have aged 10 years, where their hair is longer or shorter than the photo or where they have put on or lost significant amounts of weight? But some actors do!
  • PERSONALITY – Show You have One.
  • Out of every headshot that lands on a casting directors desk (and there are literally hundreds and hundreds every week), some will grab their attention but most will simply slip by without a second glance. If you headshot doesn’t jump off the desk and grab the casting director by the ears and say ’look at me!’, your headshot has failed. But how do you as an actor inject your personality or your spirit into your headshot?



Justice For You!Nick Gregan portrait & Headshot photographer

So The Headshot Superhero will extract justice for you, he’ll show you how a great headshot can help your flagging career, how it can boost your confidence and help you book more auditions.

And who is The Headshot Superhero?

His name is Nick Gregan a London Headshot photographer and author of the ONLY book telling actors how to get the perfect headshot. It’s called ‘The Headshot Bible’ Check it out here.

Even More Proof!

Leading American former casting director and actor educator Amy Jo Bermen says this…

…standing out from the crowd, breaking through the noise…this is a tough qualification for your headshot, but it’s non-negotiable.

Afterall, if it does not meet this qualification then it doesn’t get seen, never mind picked.  It gets scanned over in a millisecond, never to see the light of day in the audition room… Amy Jo has tons of great information for actors here


And finally if you’re still wondering what the headshot superhero is you can check out the longstanding Merriam-Webster dictionary which gives the definition as “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also: an exceptionally skillful or successful person”


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