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Too ugly for an acting headshot

Too ugly for an acting headshot, you’re having a laugh!

There is no such thing as being too ugly for an acting headshot, you’re never too ugly in life, never mind in acting! The important thing is that as an actor you understand your niche and the kind of role you are likely to get cast for.

Sometimes a long hard look in the mirror is needed and a few sometimes difficult home truths. What is your look, your character type, your place in the acting market. And another thing, age is unimportant in your acting headshots.

Be realistic, what is your look?

It’s unrealistic to apply for tough, gritty character roles if you have a sweet, prince charming type look, you’ll never be considered. When I look at myself for instance, I understand I will never be cast as the handsome, romantic lead.  I accept I am more likely to be cast as a tough guy or a beat up old copper etc – but that’s ok as I am comfortable who I am.

As I say in the video, there are roles out there for everyone and having a distinctive look can be a real bonus, there will be less competition when casting directors are looking for your type of character! You will fit their idea s straight away.

If you are in doubt and think you are too ugly for an acting headshot you’re wrong! It’s more likely (as I have encountered many times over the years) to have an issue with your self confidence or self image. But rest assured you are not too ugly for an acting headshot or to have a successful career as an actor.

It’s all about the talent

The most important thing to remember is to it’s all about your talent as an actor. Think of people like Pete Postlethwaite, Danny DeVito, Danny Trejo, Paris Hilton or Sandra Bernhard. There are lots of examples of actors and actresses who have made the big time.

I can give you lots of examples of actors who I have photographed who have character faces and have done very well by understanding their look and shooting headshots that suit their look.

A mathmatical ratio for beauty?

Way back in the Renaisance artists used to use a ration based on the Fibonacci sequence that was somehow meant to help define beauty or ugly. The pint is – they were missing the point! Everyone’s face tells a story and as a headshot and portrait photographer I’d much rather photograph a face that has character, interest and shows signs of the life and personality of the person wearing that face.

For an actor, that personality and individuality are both engaging and unique.

Check out this blog post about the benefits of headshots that suit your character.

Why it’s important to shoot headshots that suit your character

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