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As many of you will know I talk about what is the right acting headshot a lot in this blog. I do so because the right acting headshot can make a huge difference to your success as an actor and a bad one can do the same adversely.

Obviously because I’m a headshot photographer I’m going to promote the services of a professional headshot photographer over a selfie! But, it’s good to hear other professionals in the business who aren’t photographers confirm my thoughts.

Spotlight’s Head of Publishing

I came across this podcast today from The Spotlight Podcast: What Makes for a Good Actor’s Photo?

It features Kate Pointon, Spotlight’s Head of Publishing  and she gives her expert advice about picking the most effective photos for your profile.

Her department deals with 800 – 1000 headshots per day so she obviously knows what is the right acting headshot to use for Spotlight.

Here’s 7 key points she makes about what is the right acting headshot. They’re not the only excellent points she makewhat is the right acting headshot © Nick Gregans and there are in no particular order. There’s so much good stuff in here it’s absolutely worth listening to andI found it fascinating.

1) Your headshot must look like you

2) Be aware of distracting backgrounds

3) Use a professional headshot photographer

4) Keep hands out of the shot

5) First impressions count for the casting director

6) Don’t wear distracting clothes

7) Make sure your eyes are to camera

What can an actor wherever they are in their career pull out from these key points when deciding what is the right acting headshot for them?

My 3 headshot absolutes

  1. Your headshot must look like you, it must be current as you look now.
  2. Your eyes must be communicating with the camera and therefore the viewer (the casting director).
  3. Invest your money wisely in a professional headshot photographer. I would add that it should be the right headshot photographer for you as not everyone is compatible with everyone else.

You won’t need to worry about anything else as they’ll take care of all those technical, compositional and practical aspects because that is their job. Follow their advice and you won’t go far wrong in choosing what is the right acting headshot for you.

Check out the rest of this blog for lots more information on getting the right acting headshots. We’ve been talking about what you should do to get the right headshot but heres a video I did sometime ago about 7 Things You Shouldn’t Do In A Headshot Session.  Enjoy and leave a comment below.

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