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So What’s The Perfect Actors Headshot?

By December 20, 2016March 2nd, 2017No Comments

So What’s The Perfect Actors Headshot?

Actors Headsots by Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer in London

Actors Headshot

The perfect actors headshot is the kind of headshot that; when you walk into an audition the casting director recognises you from your headshot straight away. It’s a headshot that catches the attention of the casting director. It’s a headshot that makes the people who can affect your career – the directors, agents and producers – remember you. Whenever anyone is looking at your headshot it has to grab their attention and make them want to know more about you. Over the 25 years I’ve been shooting headshots I’ve photographed well-over 20,000 people and as you can imagine, in that time I’ve gathered an awful lot of information, insider tips, tricks and techniques that go into getting the perfect actors headshot.

The Holy Trinity of The Perfect Actors Headshots

There’re three things that every great headshot should have; emotional content, personality and connectivity. This might sound obvious but for an actor to be able to express all of those three factors whilst being comfortable and remain self-confident is a tricky task. My job as an actors headshot photographer is to help the actor express themselves, to help them through my experience, through my knowledge and by using techniques like direction, to show them how to achieve a really outstanding headshot that grabs people’s attention.

The Perfect Actors Headshot © Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer in London

The Perfect Actors Headshot

If your headshot doesn’t catch people’s attention, if it doesn’t have the ‘WOW Factor’ – which incidentally is to number tip no.14 in my book, 50 Tips For A Perfect Headshot – if your headshot doesn’t have the WOW Factor how on earth would it catch the attention of the casting director?
In today’s acting market when casting directors receive hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of digital submissions for each role, when they look at multiple headshots as thumbnails on their computer screen, skimming through them until they see something they like. How can you make your headshot stand out from the crowd? Well, that’s what my book, 50 Tips For A Perfect Headshot will help you do, it delves into the nuances of a great headshot, it covers aspects such as; what to wear, how to express your personality, how to use ‘the force’ and what effect posture can have, it starts at the beginning and goes through the whole headshot process from start to finish. There’re a myriad of things that can have an effect on your headshot. Often actors, presenters and dancers don’t think of them, not because they think they aren’t important but because they’re simply not aware of them.
At the end of the day there’s information in the book that you won’t get anywhere else, I’ve collected it over 25 years in the business. If you want the perfect actors headshot or have any questions drop me a line on Twitter @NickGregan or on the blog below or you can reach me on Facebook at Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer

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