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Why Am I an Actor’s Headshot Photographer?

It’s simple – I love it!Why Am I a Headshot Photographer?

I’m an actor’s headshot photographer for many reasons, but the biggest is the buzz I get from knowing my headshots have helped an actor land a new role.

Now, you might think that is a bit self-serving but I can assure you I am genuinely thrilled when one of my clients progresses in their career. And, to know that one of my headshots has helped – even in a small way – is a nice feeling.

If my headshot has made the casting director notice them it has done its job and I’ve done my job!

There’s another reason why I am an actor’s headshot photographer, the challenge. 

It’s an even better feeling when an actor comes into my studio and is nervous or uncomfortable about having their headshots taken. I love the challenge of helping them through the process of peeling back the layers of self-doubt and worry to reveal the performer underneath. And it’s the performance that makes the magic happen in a headshot, and this is why.

It’s all about the performance darling…

Ask yourself the question, why are you an actor. Is it for the fame and glory, or is it because you want the money, or is it just a job? Probably not.Why am I an actor's headshot photographer

It’s because there is a flame burning inside you that makes you want to perform. An office job simply wouldn’t fulfil the inner desire in you to perform. For most actors it’s not about the money or the fame, it’s about following your dream and being a performer.

If that’s the case, then why not bring that performance to your headshot session?

A Successful Headshot

A successful headshot connects with the performer within. The very best actor’s headshots contain these 3 key elements;


  1. Connection – an epic actor’s headshot needs to connect with the viewer, it has to grab their attention and make them take notice of you. It has to engage and enthral them enough to want to know more about you. Once it does this it has done its job, and its job is to get you noticed!
  2. Emotion – how many times have we looked at an actor’s headshot and thought their eyes were dead? How can we expect a casting director, a producer or a director to engage with your headshot, to want to know more about you if your eyes are blank and lifeless? Real emotion in your eyes is absolutely crucial to an awesome headshot.
  3. Personality – what makes an actor’s headshot stand out from the crowd? What is it about you as an actor that separates you from other actors in an audition? It’s your personality, your character, and the way you interpret the role. Therefore it’s imperative that you inject your personality into your headshot.


It’s not just a job

My job and part of the reason why I am an actor’s headshot photographer is to help actors achieve an awesome headshot, a headshot with the WOW factor!  But, not everyone feels that is possible for them, however, I can reliably inform you it is!

An actor, even a nervous, self-doubting actor who is conscious about the way they look can have the headshot of their dreams. A headshot that gets them noticed and gets them invited to auditions. A headshot they feel confident about showing to the industry, a headshot that shows them at their very best, a headshot with a great connection, full of emotion and oozing personality. With the right motivation, the right techniques and working with the right headshot photographer for you. That is a headshot photographer who encourages them to express the true performer inside them. They can absolutely have an awesome headshot!

Why am I an actor's headshot photographerEvery actor can have an awesome headshot, and that’s a fact!

Many actors find that awesome headshot elusive because of a number of reasons. Insecurity and self-consciousness are just a couple of the obvious ones. They think of it as a necessary chore that has to be done every now and then.  Some actors’ have never had a great headshot in the past and feel they’re just not photogenic.  The result – they just want to get the shoot over and done with as soon as possible and get back to their comfort zone. There are lots of reasons, all valid but, all reasons we can overcome.

A Reality Check

And in reality, that’s one of the major reasons why I am an actor’s headshot photographer. I love it when an actor says to me ‘I hate having my headshot taken’ or  ‘I’ve never had a decent headshot’. Those words are music to my ears and I think right, prepare to be amazed!

I use a number of techniques to help an actor get past the negative issues they may have from previous shoots. As mentioned above, I want to draw out the performer within and encourage the actor to enjoy the headshot process.

I’m not a therapist I’m a headshot photographer, but I see so many of the same issues cropping up all of the time that I have developed ways to help actors move past them. I use direction, improvisation, scenarios and even things like favourite monologues and characters. It’s another reason why I am an actor’s headshot photographer, I like to have fun and I think my sessions are fun.

Imagine the future with an Epic Headshot… more auditions, more confidence, more self-belief and ultimately more work and more money.

It ALL starts with your headshot and that’s why I am an actor’s headshot photographer.


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