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Having your headshot done can sometimes be a daunting proposition, but the right headshot matters.

In reality if you choose the right headshot photographer for you, it can be an enjoyable experience. As you can see by the video testiomonial from a rcent client Felipe Pacheco, it’s why the right headshot matters.

There are techniques headshot photographers can use to help you feel more comfortable.Everything from everyday scenarios to more specific situations closer to your actual needs. For instance, an actor will respond differeently to a corporate heavyweight, a doctor may react differently to a model etc. But why the right headshot matters is about giving the correct first impression and, first impresions do count!

Rapport is Crucial

Above all else the raport you build with your headshot photographer is crucual in delivering the kind of headshot you need. Once again the right headshot is about presenting yourself as you want others to see you. If you’re a doctor, do you want your prospective patients to see you as stiff and formal? Or would a warmer friendlier more aproachable image work better? What about in a professional medical directory, how would you like your peers to view you?

The right headshot matters. Nick Gregan Headshot & Portrait Photographer in London

Felipe Pacheco © Nick Gregan

These are all valid questions you should ask yourself before your headshot shoot. and then discuss them with your headshot photographer. Here’s a good piece of advice; not all photographers are specialist headshot photographers. Sure the can frame up the picture the right way but do they know the difference between a model headshot and an actors headshot? What about the differences between a corporate headshot and an actors headshot?

Understanding what makes a good headshot can really help you out. Here’s a useful article I wrote on How To Analyse Your Profile Headshot, you might be surprised to learn what can and will affect the message yourheadshot projects.

Are all headshot photographers are equal?

I’m afraid they’re not, that’s why the right headshot matters. It also boils down to the right headshot photographer matters too.

In today’s visual world where we conditioned to make judgements in split seconds. It can make all the difference in attracting new clients, building confidence or catching the eye of a casting director.

It’s certainly worth doing your due diligence and sourcing the right headshot photographer, a good one can really help out. You can read more here

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