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Why Use a Character Headshot?

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An up to date headshot is crucial, but it’s also why ‘character specific headshots’ are becoming more important in todays casting marketplace. Presenting your headshot to the casting director in the right role they have in mind gives you much more of a chance to actually get to the audition, once you’re there you then have a chance to show off your talent. The first hurdle is getting to the audition. Succeeding at a casting and ultimately getting the gig often has less to do with your talent as an actor and often as much about ‘fitting the role’.

Most actors have at some time or another suffered from the same delusion, they think that if they just go in and wow the casting director with their acting ability they won’t be able to resist your talents. I hate  to be the voice of reality but this rarely happens. Casting is about finding the right type of actor to fit the part. That means it’s more than just acting ability, they are looking for physical type, personality, chemistry between you and another actor, the expectations of the target audience and so many other factors. Sometimes it’s about demographics, finding the right person to fit a particular age or ethnic category. This is especially true with commercials. The casting directors book actors who perfectly fit the role far more than those who did a perfect read.
Nick Gregan Headshot Photographer

Here you can see Tiffany showing three distinct character types.

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