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Why Your Headshot and Resume Are So Important

By October 25, 2013August 18th, 2017One Comment

Obviously I’m biased because I’m an actors headshot photographer but a great headshot is incredibly is important in marketing yourself as an actor. I came across this great article in Backstage by a well known American casting director Robert B Martin Jr. He talks about your resume or CV as we call it over here but here’s a snippet of his thoughts on an actor’s headshot. The main reason I like it so much is that he echos my own thoughts and feelings on headshots. It’s a headshot you want not a beauty shot, or a stylish fashion headshot so make sure understand what a headshot is and why it’s so important. look out for my new FAQ video due in a couple of weeks where I go over everything you need to know before you book a headshot session.

Headshot photographer Nick Gregan



Here’s a brief piece of the article and I urge you to read the rest here.

See how it works? It’s that simple and straightforward.

Now, let’s talk about the headshot. This is not glamour shots, but every major photographer in Hollywood treats it like it is.

Your picture is not called a three-quarter shot; it’s called a headshot—a shot of your head. It should never be about the location or how “cool” the shot is or about standing out. The shot should not be the focus, you should be the focus.

You are paying for the shoot. You are the boss—not the photographer. You know the product you are selling. Don’t let them make you out to be what you are not.

Here’s a short video showing some more actors headshots nickgreganphotography2

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