Words Every Headshot Photographer Likes To Hear

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“Nick Gregan makes you feel relaxed and never rushes you. He gives you all the time you need to get the shots that you went there for. As actors, we go to our photographers with a look in mind that we want to achieve. Because Nick is so easy to talk to, I was able to tell him exactly what I wanted – and he listened to me and totally understood. The result: The exact photos that I wanted; the exact look that I had in mind! I am extremely happy with my new headshots, and it was a pleasure to work with Nick, as he is so professional, and I could tell that he genuinely wanted me to be happy with the final results. Excellent!”

Client testimonials are an important part of credibility and affirmation. They are the words every headshot photographer likes to hear, they also help other actors get a better feel for a headshot photographer and what they’re like. With the rise in prominence of social media comments in the search rankings, a positive client testimonial has the power to add to a photographer’s reputation and helps others looking for a service feel more confident when booking. Think of how many of us use TripAdvisor before booking a holiday!

The thing is though – as in many walks of life – few actors actually think to offer testimonials. Like many of us, we buy a product or service and expect it to be brilliant, at the very least we fully expect it to perform ‘as it says on the tin’ – and so it should. Nick Gregan Headshot PhotographerVery few times do we actually go back to the service provider and say “thanks, that was a great job” what we do is generally recommend to our friends and colleagues our good experiences, whether it was at a local restaurant or with our headshot photographer.

It would be nice if we as a society thought a little a little more about passing on good news, Google positively likes it when a company gets a good review, as does Amazon and eBay – that’s why they ask you to leave feedback. With the Internet offering instant access to reviews – good and bad – they add to credibility and trust, we would all rather deal with someone or a business with a good reputation.

It’s great to hear good news and one of the most rewarding parts of my job shooting headshots is when a client lets me know how their career is progressing after they have been to see me. I’m not in any way shape or form boasting and saying it’s all down to my headshots, but it’s proven fact that a great headshot makes a difference. It’s a simple equation, great headshots lad to more castings. It’s not rocket science!

I’ll be posting a short video tomorrow on this very subject and the experiences of one of my clients.

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