Just how you read testimonials when you’re buying a product or service, you also should do the same when it comes to choosing your photographer.

A consistent portfolio is an important thing to look for. You don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and who is all over the place. You should also look to see how the people in the portraits look – do they look good? Happy? Confident? – this is important and will give you a sign of how good the photographer is at representing others, and in turn how good they will be at representing you. Ask the question “do I want a picture of me that looks like that?”

The cost of a portrait photograph will vary dependent on the skills of the photographer. It goes without saying; the lower the cost, the lower the quality. However there are photographers who meet in the middle – they know their target market and don’t expect young actors to pay top dollar for their first headshots. Some photographers may base their prices on how many photos they deliver. At Nick Gregan Photography, we give you a 90 minute session with unlimited headshots.

But I have a ton of selfies – can’t I use one of those – why do I need a portrait photographer?

A portrait photographer’s role isn’t just to take a nice picture of you (or what you deem nice at least). When you are taking a photo of yourself, more often that not, you will not be natural in front of the camera; this will make the photo stiff or unoriginal. The photographer’s job is to get you to relax and to help the real you with your real personality shine through! What you may think looks good, might in fact look a little strange…

We have over 25 years of experience in portrait photography in London – head over to our contact page to book a session or just to ask us any questions!

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