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It’s always good to have your views and opinions ratified by those in the industry. Some of you may have read my book called ‘The Headshot Bible – 50 Tips For A Perfect Headshot’ it’s a no-nonsense book jam packed with insider tips and techniques to help you get a great headshot.

In this article in Backstage, Professional casting director and Backstage’s Casting Specialist Christine McKenna-Tirella gives here tips on marketing yourself in 2021 with your headshot.She stressed actors should follow these;

4 rules to get the perfect headshot

4 rules for the perfect headshot 1. Make sure you know the standards – are they colour of B&W? What size image should it be, 10×8, 5×7 or A4? And what resolution should your headshot photographer supply yours in? Ideally 300dpi. Is a particular style appropriate? (Tip no.1 in my book –Preparation is the key).

2. Go see a pro headshot photographer if you budget allows. Your headshot is usually the first point of contact with a casting director so make sure your headshot stands out from the crowd. Find a headshot photographer that suits you – you like their style of headshot, their price and their personality. You’ll get better results this way. (Tip no.2 in my book – Choosing The Right Headshot Photographer).

3. Keep it authentic (it must look like you). Glamour and heavily Photoshopped images don’t work. Overly retouched images make you look silly and waste the time of the casting director. Be real, make sure you look like your headshot and if you don’t – get an updated one from a pro. Your headshot should look like you do on your best day. (Tip no.20 in my book – Be yourself, look natural).

4 rules of a perfect headshot

Selfie Shame

4. Don’t use a social media screen grab or a selfie. It’s a newish phenomenon but this is a never ever thing to do! Your headshot isn’t a shot out having fun at a party, it’s not a shot with your friends on the beach. It has to follow the standard in rule number 1 above. Don’t ever be tempted to try and cut corners. You’re only damaging your career and reputation by making this mistake. (Tip no.46 in my book – Style Over Substance).

Good solid advice from Christine echoed by myself. These 4 rules to get the perfect headshot are important and should be taken onboard. There are good professionals out there who have many years experience who offer straight up advice. For me, the buzz od seeing an actor have headshots by me and get their career going fills me with joy.

Joys of being a headshot photographrer

To think that my help and skills have helped them in their career is wonderfully satisfying. Follow these 4 rules to get the perfect headshot and you won’t go far wrong. Or buy my book The Headshot Bible and dig down deeper into what makes the perfect headshot.

The crucial nugget to take from this article is that before you use a headshot, think about how it meets the criteria above, are you being realistic, is it you on your best day? If not maybe you should think again and book a pro headshot photographer who can help get the best out of you and deliver headhsots with the WOW factor!

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